Courses in English

Additional certificate

As a student enrolled at Munich University of Applied Sciences you can take any course in English, provided you fulfil the necessary requirements of the course. Your choice is not restricted to the courses offered by your own department. Please note, though, that some courses are limited to a certain number of participants.

In addition, you can choose to obtain our special "Courses in English" certificate:


You need to satisfactorily complete a total of ten weekly contact hours per semester of regular coursework in English.


There is no limit to the time you need to complete the required amount of courses. You can take as many semesters as you like, provided you are enrolled at Munich University of Applied Sciences.


You will receive a certificate signed by the president of the university and the head of your department's examination board.

You need to apply for this certificate at the university's central examination office, stating the subjects you have satisfactorily completed. The certificate is free of charge and your contact person at the examination office is Ms Andrea Schönberger.


Andrea Schönberger
Room: G 2.04

Tel.: 089 1265-1313
Fax: 089 1265-1111