Multifaceted and practice-oriented

  • around 18,000 students
  • 85 Bachelor's and Master’s degree programmes
  • 500 professors
  • 675 staff members and researchers
  • 750 part-time lecturers
  • 14 departments

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is the second largest university of applied sciences in Germany. Our 18,000 students and our location in a leading European business centre afford fantastic opportunities, but also mean we have a responsibility in industrial, economic and social contexts.

Multidisciplinary variety

We offer degree courses and active academic collaboration in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and engineering), business, the social sciences and public health as well as in architecture and design. Our Department of General and Interdisciplinary Studies is unique in providing every student with a cross-disciplinary education and in developing their personal skills.

Studying with a profile

It is especially important for us to nurture our graduates' characters: besides their well-founded professional skills, our students should stand out by thinking and acting in a sustainable, entrepreneurial and intercultural way. With these additional qualifications which reach beyond the students' specialist fields, we prepare them to contribute to society and to approach their careers with foresight, creativity and a sense of responsibility.

From Bachelor's degree to doctoral qualification

We offer and develop individualised study approaches and options for applicants with varied educational backgrounds, thus opening our university and offering a range of paths for lifelong learning and studying.

Hochschule München ensures excellent applied and research-based teaching in four areas:

Growth with a view to the future

Hochschule München actively engages with its educational mandate and aims to secure an outstanding position as a university of applied sciences. It recognises the future demands of society and industry and is changing, with a critical yet open vision for current issues, such as the current digitalisation of all areas of life. It focuses on continually improving quality and on constant development in research, teaching and continuing education.


Fostering entrepreneurial thinking
Entrepreneurial thinking is taught
both in degree programmes and
at the Strascheg Center for


Sustainable thinking at MUAS
HM supports the principles of the UN Decade of "Education for Sustainable Development" and teaches students to think sustainably

Gender and Diversity

Our commitment to equality
HM is committed to fostering diversity amongst students and colleagues in science and administration and advocates equal opportunities for all.


International competence
Students and researches can gain valuable international experience and intercultural skills at HM